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Pocketing One-Way

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Motor Side


The motor will be installed on the pocket side of the one-way unit.

The ideal allocation for the motor is 12 inches from where the panels rest in the fully open position and the back of the pocket wall. 


If the panels are 60 inches, the pocket would be 72 inches on the motor side.

The minimum space allowed for the motor is 8 inches. 

2 Panel Bi-Part.Motor.PNG

The motor will be installed in the center of the lead panel track, or between track one and two depending on the return pulley being used. 

Return Pulley Side

There are two pulley options with a one-way system depending on ​the clearance between the top of the panel and the head track, and what size belt is needed for the system.

Inline Pulleyv2.PNG

The inline return pulley is used when there is a minimum of 11/16" between the top of the panel and the head track. The lead panel will travel under the return pulley to the closed position. 

The inline pulley excepts only 3/8" belt and is typically used for systems under 20'.


The split-track pulley is used when there is less than 11/16" between the top of the panel and the head track, or the system needs 1/2" belt. 

The split-track pulley allows the lead panel to travel past the return pulley with it being notched between the two tracks and installed in track two. 

The split-track pulley excepts both 3/8" and 1/2" belt and is typically used with 1/2" belt on systems larger than 20' or systems with clearance issues. 


Standard Pulley.PNG

Motion Sensors

Both interior & exterior motion sensors will be installed in the middle of the lead panel, protecting the close where the lead panel and the lock jamb meet. 

One Way Open.PNG


On a one-way system, the touchscreen will be installed on the lock jamb side of the unit, so the user may quickly enter or exit after a command is given. 

The touchscreen fits in a standard triple gang box, approx. 60 inches from the finished floor.

One Way Open.PNG

Power Requirements

The system requires a 110 Volt, 15 Amp dedicated circuit at the motor location.

The power supply plugs directly into a standard outlet.


Home Automation Connection

All of our systems are compatible with major home automation brands.

The home automation connects through our dry contact adapter on the motor board.

The dry contact adapter comes standard with all of our systems for home automation integration.

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Pocketing One-Way

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